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Few understood us when we expressed our concerns that our son was not only not talking by age two, he wasn't making the normal sounds we felt babies and children should be making, sounds that his peers were making for quite some time.  He was cute, he was social and smiled bigger than any other children we knew,  ut he became increasingly frustrated when eh would open his mouth, point and say "ih". After months of services and no new sounds, one of his therapists mentioned Cheryl and her Center for Small Jewels.  We were immediately struck by her passion for what she does.  Our son has made great progress in his speech and language development. 



Parent of Toby

Bronx, New York 

Three years ago our family's journey with Cheryl Small Jackson and her amazing team began. How do we thank the person who changed our son's life by giving him a voice? Traditional speech therapy did not work for Christopher. At the age of 3 he still had only 20-25 words that were basic at most. At the initial consultation with Cheryl, she started with the PROMPT method and for the first time ever Christopher produced sounds I had never heard! I told Cheryl that it was like magic watching that and she smiled and said "no honey that's PROMPT".  Now I say "journey with Cheryl" because as Christopher's therapist over the years she looks at him as a whole and guides us with the right supplemental therapies that he needs. As he accomplishes one goal, she helps set another and works with us, his school and his other therapists to compliment his progress and challenge him to get to the next level. That shows the strong commitment she has for our son's success. I remember crying back in the day that my son cannot even tell me he loves me. Now he runs up to me kisses me and says with his ever so perfect voice I LOVE YOU MOMMY!! No one understands but our family and Cheryl how hard he worked to be able to produce those sounds. Now we have a 6 year old son who sings songs, tells silly stories and laughs...his laughter and smile is there because Cheryl and her wonderful team gave our son his voice. I know by having Cheryl as his therapist and guide he's going to accomplish great things. Cheryl is an outstanding human being, she is now part of our family. I am his Mommy and gave him life but Cheryl gave him the next best thing.....his voice. Thank you so much from the bottom of our happy hearts.  


With gratitude and love,

Diane C.


When we started seeing Cheryl our 18 month old son could say only two words, neither of which were mama. We knew immediately that it was the best decision we ever made for him. And it’s no surprise. Watching Cheryl use prompt is like watching Stevie wonder play piano - she has an unparalleled gift. Within two months of working with Cheryl our son had mastered over a dozen words (one of which being mama) and had approximations for many more. Most importantly, as a result of Cheryl’s incredible talent, he is now willing to attempt/mimic any sound you ask him to. He surprises us every day with new sounds and words we never thought possible. Its been about six months that we’ve been on this speech journey and every time we mention Cheryl’s name everyone in the early education world always knows her. Multiple times Cheryl was referred to us as the “best in the world” for prompt. To boot, she is as good at her craft as she is sweet and patient with the kids. We are indebted to Cheryl for helping Declan find his voice. If you are a guardian of a child with a motor issue, stop looking. She is the best in the business and if anyone can help you it is a Cheryl. 

Don't think this even comes close to my level of gratitude ... thank you so much!

My son Garvan started with The Center for Small Jewels at the age of six.  He had a severe language and speech impairment along with sensory processing disorder.  Despite four and a half years of speech therapy via Early Intervention and his school district his speech was unintelligible, his vocabulary was limited and expressive language was nil.  He had been subjected to bullying by his peers and arrived at the center a broken child, very isolated, severely frustrated, unable to communicate with very low self-esteem.  

I was immediately put at ease by Cheryl on our first introduction and she reassured me that my son was in good hands and would be in a far better place after therapy.  It was extremely refreshing after years of speech therapists and evaluations to finally meet someone so knowledgeable who could accurately diagnose my son's class of speech impairment and thereby commence the correct form of therapy.  I cannot over emphasize the difference that Cheryl has made in my son's life and indirectly to us, his family.  In the space of eighteen months my son is more articulate, more confident, less frustrated, better placed to succeed academically and develop social relationships.

Today was our last day with Cheryl and it was bittersweet. We are so grateful for Garvan's progress but so sad to say goodbye to all the friends we made.

I cannot thank Cheryl enough for everything she has done for Garvan.  She gave my son his voice and gave me back my child in a far better place than the day we walked through her door.

Thank you.

Margaret Maher


Before PROMPT therapy, my son spoke very few words. He had just started putting two sounds together. He really only had approximations for words and they all sounded alike. PROMPT has made a world of difference for our son. He truly loves his sessions and best of all he knows how much it is helping him communicate. His speech is incredible now. There are definitely things he still works on but he speaks in sentences and is understood by pretty much everyone. He has gone from a self-contained classroom to a mainstream school. He is part of everything now because he can speak. Once our son could communicate everything else started to improve and fall into place like his play and connecting to peers. I would recommend PROMPT 100%, absolutely. It’s a game-changer. I have no idea where my son would be now if it were not for two years of PROMPT with Cheryl.

Cheryl Small Jackson